Welcome to Fresh Made Kitchen, a new restaurant with a new perspective.

What is our fresh concept of dining? Honest Ingredients, Genuine Chefs, Fresh Meals. In our fast casual atmosphere we aim to bring dining back to the way it should be, a simple pleasure with fresh ingredients. Our Fresh menu is Food Driven and Chef Inspired. We combine the freshest ingredients with the people who love them. The result is a unique chef inspired menu, filled with mouth-watering ingredients. Our Fresh philosophy means only using the finest ingredients. We won’t compromise on freshness, that means NEVER using antibiotics, additives, trans fats, or hormones. The only thing extra you’ll find in our food is flavor and that comes from making things from scratch, with integrity and care.

Our Fresh Philosophy

  • 100% freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices.
  • No additional additives.
  • No trans fat in our oils.
  • We use 100% whole grains.
  • Cage free chicken breast and eggs - No hormones
    ABF Free, vegetarian diet.
  • Our burgers are handmade with Certified Angus beef.
  • Our Aiolis are handmade - all with trans fat free
    oils and mayonnaise.
  • All dressings are made from scratch with freshly squeezed juices.
Fresh Food, Fresh Made.

Of course with the name Fresh Made Kitchen, we have to use only the best ingredients. Every dish comes with a promise that we only use the freshest ingredients.

That's the difference you'll taste.
Food Driven. Chef Inspired

It takes more than just using the best ingredients. Our Chefs are hand selected and peer reviewed. It takes a master of the culinary world to utilize those fresh ingredients and take them to their fullest.